Nylabone product recalled for Salmonella; No Dogs verified ill

A business called Nylabone issued a voluntary recall on one of its products because of prospective salmonella.

The particular product is called the “Puppy Starter Kit” as well as consists of three chews, according to the company.

Nylabone supplied a photo of the particular product, shown below.

This is a voluntary recall, just for precaution. The business stated “less than 3,000 pieces” were affected.

I have not been able to discover any type of verified situations of dogs getting ill from the Puppy Starter set chews. That’s zero dogs. I will update if I discover otherwise, as well as I reached out to Nylabone for additionally comments.

What Nylabone is stating about the recall

Nylabone stated on its web site:

It was during one of our numerous high quality manage tests that we determined a little great deal of Puppy Starter Kits with a canine chew that checked positive for salmonella.

The positive test was from one single great deal (LT 21935), a little number of less than 3000 pieces of Nylabone Puppy Starter Kits made in our facilities in Neptune City, new Jersey. No other Nylabone products were affected.

As always, some canine owners are over reacting

You’ve most likely seen the warnings going around on social network if you comply with sufficient dog-related accounts.

[quote_right]Salmonella is typically not harmful to healthy dogs …[/quote_right]Sure, you ought to take some precautions if you’ve bought these particular chews from Nylabone. If not, no requirement to worry. Nylabone stated on its web site that none of its other products are affected.

Salmonella is typically not harmful to healthy dogs anyway. Dogs can deal with much more bacteria than people can. It’s really the humans who requirement to be (slightly) cautious.

But honestly, shouldn’t we rinse our hands after managing all canine toys anyway? नि? See my publish on dogs as well as salmonella for much more details.

What to do if you bought the Nylabone Puppy Starter Kit

If you bought the Puppy Starter Kit, I’d just toss the chews.

Nylabone stated on its web site clients can return them for a refund if they’d like.

According to Nylabone, right here are the details of the particular product affected:

Item number: N201PSKPUPC: 0-18214-81291-3Lot number: LT21935

The business stated products can be returned to:

Nylabone Puppy Starter set Recallc/o central Life Sciences1501 E. Woodfield Rd., Suite 200WSchaumburg, IL 60173

I’m a fan of Nylabone’s products

My lab mix Ace has always chewed on Nylabone products.

I don’t purchase the edible products from Nylabone. I purchase the nonedible chew bones since they are one of few products Ace will really chew for an prolonged period of time.

Each bone lasts him about a year. I throw them away when they begin to get frayed on the ends since I don’t want him to eat the small pieces that might come off. 

The blog keep the Tail Wagging has an informative publish right here on a few of the dangers included when dogs eat non-edible chews.

Personally, I will continue to purchase products from Nylabone without any worries.

The product I typically purchase for Ace is called the Dura Chew (affiliate link). as well as I’m sorry, however I can’t withstand joking that all the Nylabone products quite much look like dildos. I mean, come on. यो साचो हो!

अनि तपाईंँलाई नि? Do you purchase Nylabone products?

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